3d camera Systems


SIM Digital has recently partnered with Cinesail 3D Systems to offer cutting-edge stereoscopic production solutions and 3D camera rigs.

Designed by 3D cinematographers, Cinesail rigs are engineered to deliver production solutions that are mobile, flexible and allow for quick set-up in demanding production environments. All 3D capture, monitoring and data stations are housed in self-contained travel cases which ship easily to any location and set-up in minutes. Cinesail 3D systems are proven, reliable and have been employed on major studio features like Resident Evil: Retribution and Pompeii, commercials and music videos.

These 3D camera and production systems are available through all SIM Digital offices. Speak to your local SIM Digital representative for more information on how to book these specialty services.

Customized 3D Camera Rigs

Cinesail has modified and updated the Atom™ Magnesium rigs by 3ality. The Atom™ is a light weight 3D camera platform optimized to work with the RED Epic. The result is a rugged, stable, wide angle 3D beam-splitter system weighing as little as some single 35mm camera systems.

The system employs premium mirrors, ¼ wave attenuators, carbon fiber eyebrow system, AC power and dual hot swap backup batteries.

Cinesail carries four studio rigs and one Steadicam rig.

3D Camera Rig

The KSB (Kitchen Sync Box)

The KSB houses power, sync controller, metadata recording and the camera interface system -meaning fewer cables and connections on the rig!

Cinesail rigs feature 6-axis wireless lens controls and wireless 3D controllers.


Convergent Carts

Cinesail Convergent Carts feature 3Ality SIP (Stereo Image Processor) to facilitate the quickest stereo line-ups and assure you're shooting faster with 2-3 minute lens changes.

SIP data can be broadcast wirelessly to Cinesail iPads. All relevant 3D information is available at a glance. Allowing you to tweak line-ups between setups quickly and quietly - no charts needed.

SIP information is also displayed on convergence monitors along with a visual 3D "volume" scale.

Convergent Carts

3D Data Management Carts

Cinesail Data Management and Color Management carts.

RedCine, Davinci Resolve, 18TB Raid backup, backup power, 2 x 2D monitors and 1 x 3D monitor.

3d Data Management