Rob Sim, President In 1982, Rob and Peggy Sim launched Sim Video in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). The Company was founded with the intention of providing film and broadcast producers with the latest in video equipment rentals. The Sim Video philosophy was simple: “to offer the very best equipment and technical support available and to provide outstanding service to each and every client.”

In 1991, Sim Video recognized the ever growing number of productions shooting in British Columbia and opened the doors to its second office in Vancouver. In 1993, the company expanded its inventory to include Avid post technologies, where it pioneered the first non-linear editing systems available for rent in Western Canada. And in 1994, Sim Video West capitalized on the increased demand for specialized playback technology and quickly moved forward to secure its place as a leading provider of playback services in all of Canada.

The introduction of High Definition in the late 1990’s was pivotal for Sim who accurately predicted that it would forever change the face of production. Without hesitation, Sim Video became the first rental house in Canada to offer High Definition cameras and production equipment. The company expanded into the Los Angeles market in 1999 and was one of the first rental companies in Hollywood to offer 24P HD cameras and cine-style lenses. Demand for Sim Video continued to intensify leading the company to once again expand in 2005 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, followed shortly thereafter by Sim Video China, located in Beijing.

In November of 2009, Sim Video announced their merger with Toronto based Bling Digital, a thriving production service company specializing in video assist, on-set data management and digital dailies solutions. The merger allowed Sim Video to better address clients’ evolving production needs especially in the upward trending area of tapeless acquisition formats. The incorporation of Bling Digital also rounded out Sim Video’s product and service offerings, making Sim the most experienced provider of comprehensive digital production workflow solutions from shoot to post.

Always moving forward, Sim launched their sixth worldwide office (and second US location) in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011, bringing their expert services to one of the fastest growing US states for motion picture and television production.

To further fuel their expansion, Sim Video made a bold move, changing the company name to SIM Digital in 2012 to better communicate their growing roster of services and, to reinforce the synergy between their camera and the post production services provided by Bling. Upon the launch, the company introduced modern new logos that complemented and tied the two divisions together.

That same year, SIM Digital acquired the finishing division of Master Key, a Los Angeles-based post-production house. With the Master Key and Bling Digital acquisitions, SIM now placed itself in a position to offer a complete packaging of services, from camera all the way to color correction and finishing services.

In May 2013, SIM Digital acquired PS Production Services Ltd. one of Canada's largest lighting and grip companies, with offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax. The addition of PS further strengthened SIM's global position as the most comprehensive service provider for the motion picture and television industry.

In June 2014, SIM merged with Hollywood-based Chainsaw, uniting one of the film and television industry’s leading suppliers of production equipment and post-production services, with one of Hollywood’s most successful independent post-production facilities.

In late 2014, SIM acquired Toronto based post-production facility, Pixel Underground and its associated companies FINI Films and stationEX, providing SIM the ability to deliver complete post production and media distribution services in the Toronto market.

In early 2015, SIM Group merged with Tattersall Sound & Picture, a Toronto-based provider of sound editorial, ADR and mixing services extending their reach into sound post production. In June 2015, SIM Group also merged with Post FactoryNY, one of New York City’s largest independent providers of post-production services, enhancing the SIM Group’s East Coast presence.

Today, the company continues to grow their reputation as a leading expert in digital production solutions providing their combined service offerings on countless productions around the world. And while the company continues to examine other future expansion possibilities, SIM Digital remains true to its founding philosophy – always offering the very best equipment, service and support to each and every client.

SIM Digital provides digital imaging expertise and customized video equipment rental services to enable motion picture and television professionals to achieve their creative vision from pre-production through post.
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