Flight Packs

Having serviced some of the most complex productions, SIM Digital is considered an expert in Multicam and Flight Pack services.

Our state-of-the-art Flight Packs offer a strong alternative to costly mobile production truck rentals while still providing the studio based functionalities producers require. Using the latest technologies including the most trusted digital cameras, lenses and production tools, SIM Digital can customize the best Flight Pack (Air Pack) solution to meet the needs of any production. These highly versatile systems set up quickly and tear down just as easily to further accommodate challenging production schedules.

Let SIM Digital help you select and customize the right flight pack system for your next production.

Here are some of the options and features offered through our Flight Pack systems:

  • Systems can be configured for 4, 8, 12 or 16 Inputs
  • Utilize Sony HDC-950 or HDC-1500 SMPTE CCU Systems with SMPTE Fiber Cable
  • Other camera options include HDW-F900R, PDW-700/F800, PMW-500, F5/55 or AlexaPlus with Telecast CopperHead 3400 Systems with SMPTE Fiber Cable, Tac4 Military Grade Fiber Cable or Video Harness Snakes
  • SMPTE fiber optic cable provides power to the camera system while providing video/audio and intercom signal transmission back to engineering bay
  • Tac4 Military Grade Fiber Cable is a lightweight alternative to SMPTE Fiber without the power to the camera system (power provided locally with on-board batteries or blocks)
  • FOR-A HD production switchers with 8, 12 or 24 input options with Tally Systems
  • Evertz VIP Multiviewer 12 input and 16 input (w/ duel outputs) split screen technology allows you to monitor all inputs on a 50” Monitor
  • Full engineering bay equipment options available with Evertz HD-SDI DA’s, Downconvertors, Sync/Timecode Generators, VIP Multiviewer Systems and Routing Switchers, Sony MSU/RCP Paint Control and Leader Vector/WFM Scopes
  • Sony, Panasonic, TV Logic and Marshall Monitors in 4”, 7”, 9”, 14”, 17”, 26” and 50” options
  • HD ISO record units and line cut deck options available including: HDW-1800, HDW-2000, PDW-1600, AJDH-1400 and Cinedeck RX Cine/444. Cinedeck Iso recording allows for direct connection to AVID ISIS Storage during recording. Other media recorders available on request.
  • Full selection of Fujinon and Canon ENG lenses with manual/servo focus and zoom accessories, Sachtler Tripods and Pedestals and Sony Colour Studio Viewfinders including the new HDVF-EL75 7” OLED Studio Viewfinders
  • Clearcom Intercom systems – customized to your needs
  • Full ability to customize and accessorize cameras with select lenses, viewfinders, tripods for sporting events, concerts, theatre, awards or reality/variety programming
  • Records multiple HD frame rates i.e., 23.98psf, 24psf, 25psf, 29.97psf, 30psf, 50i, 59.94i at 1080
  • Ability to fully colour correct and match all cameras onset
  • Compact design enables you to set up in tight spaces
  • HDSDI, SDI, NTSC down conversion and HDMI outputs allow for HD or SD on-set monitoring
  • Ideal for large venues or studios that require long cable feeds back to engineering bay