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Sim Post Takes on 3D - Resident Evil: Afterlife

March 29, 2010

3D has gained enormous popularity with producers and audiences alike and we knew it was just a matter of time before the right project would present itself to propel Sim in the 3D direction. We weren't surprised when we were contacted by long-time client Davis Films and Post Supervisor, Gregor Hutchison to supply 3D edit suites for Resident Evil: Afterlife, the latest addition to the Resident Evil franchise!

While there was definitely a learning curve attached to this project, there was also the added pressure of working against an extremely tight deadline. Luckily, Brian McSweeny, VP of Post Production and Dave French, Post Production Manager and in-house Avid Certified Support Representative had been actively researching the technical aspects of 3D post production for many months. Equipment wise, Sim already carried almost all of the components necessary to post the Resident Evil project but would have to invest in specialty 3D display monitors and rely on the timely release of a crucial 3D software update, to bring it all together.

Despite the time restraints, Sim managed to receive all of the necessary equipment and software with just enough time to successfully test, configure and install the systems. With neither the Editor nor his Assistant ever having worked with 3D before, they relied on Sim to help them understand the process and the options that best suited their production requirements. Both, the Editor, Niven Howie (Death Race) and Assistant Editor, Dawn Stoliar were extremely pleased with the setup, systems and technical support Sim was able to offer. "Sim Video has always been at the forefront of technology, service and price. When making the decision on which vendor to go with for this project, none of our options had any experience with 3D," said Post Supervisor, Gregor Hutchison. "I was confident that the people at Sim would have the solutions we needed. I have not been wrong."

Having worked with Sim for over 15 years now, Dave French understands how important it is to stay well-informed on new technologies. "You never know when the phone is going to ring and a client is going to ask you to do something you've never done before," said French. "It's all about being prepared and ready to respond quickly to our client's needs."

Resident Evil: Afterlife began editing back in October 2009 using three Avid Media Composer HD systems and a 24 TB Unity MediaEngine. Two systems were installed at Cinespace Studios while the other system was set-up at Mr. X Inc., a renowned Toronto post house that's working on all of the grisly special effects to pepper the picture. Gregor and his team will continue to post until the Summer, the movie is scheduled for release in September 2010.