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Video Assist is an integral part of any production as it allows you to instantly replay and manipulate recorded footage on-set for executives and production staff. When SIM merged with Bling Digital in 2009 we were able to combine our vast experience and inventory to bring you our most advanced Video Assist solutions. Our company offers highly portable DVA carts that are tailored to suit a variety of production environments and formats. Analog, HD and 3D digital video assist systems are available and are provided with highly skilled operators.

To date, we’ve provided Video Assist services for well over 5,000 TV Commercials, including more than 40 Super Bowl Commercials and an unprecedented 57 RED Camera shoot for NIKE. We have also provided Video Assist services for high profile television series, 2D and 3D features.

About QTake HD

QTAKE HD is a complex software application designed and developed for video assist professionals. It is used to log, capture, playback, edit and process video output of the Digital Cinema Cameras.

The system is powerful, but easy to learn and integrates every aspect of modern video assist into a single solution. Extensive logging capabilities, rapid shot selection with tree-based visual browser, simple and intuitive non-linear editor, import and export, realtime overlay with blending, keying and wipe... and much more.

QTAKE HDx2 provides unmatched Stereoscopy features: Live 3D Processing,
3D Playback and 3D Editor.

QTAKE HD runs on OS X Leopard using latest software and hardware technology available from Apple, Inc. It uses QuickTime-based movie files so you can share your media across QuickTime compatible applications, such as Final Cut Pro.

QTAKE HD uses video hardware from AJA and Matrox to capture High Definition video, audio and timecode information. Each clip is captured to a high-speed media storage and can be retrieved instantly for playback or editing.

By utilizing GPU power of the advanced Nvidia graphic boards, QTAKE HD is able to perform intensive image processing in real-time. This includes LIVE COMPOSITE with real-time keying capabilities.

In LIVE mode, QTAKE provides live signal pass-through from Kona3 outputs. In DISK mode, you can use SDI outputs to monitor fully processed dual stream video and audio.

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Need video assist services on
your next shoot?

If you have a commercial, TV show or
feature length movie that requires
Video Assist, look no further. Our
complete Video Assist services include
the latest equipment, highly skilled onset
technicians and transportation
vehicles (when required).

Choose from a wide inventory of
Video Assist items including:

  • 3D Video Assist with QTake
  • Full HD Video Assist Packages
  • Full Analog Video Assist Packages
  • New Portable HD Clamshells (for
    “run-and-gun” video assist
  • Analog Transmitters and Receivers
  • HD Transmitters and Receivers
  • Panasonic HD Monitors
  • Video Mixers for FX Shooting
  • Video Printers
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